Nov 26, 2009

Bri's Black Friday Tips.

Sorry for not blogging in a while guys, my life has been anything but relaxing. Senior year is killer and so is my life in general, but enough of that. This post is dedicated to the best shopping day of the year; Black Friday.
The biggest sales, the biggest stores and the biggest amount of people at every shopping plaza, mall, outlet, etc. So here are some of my tips that will help you get through Black Friday safely and comfortably.
Tip 1: Wear comfortable clothes.
Jeans, tee shirts and sneakers are the ideal things to wear for your long day out. Heels, skirts, revealing/too tight shirts are NOT what your clothing should be. Be comfortable.
Tip 2: Don't bring a large bag/purse.
Stick with something small, but NOT a clutch. You want to have something that has straps so your purse is out of your way as you wrestle people for items. Big bags are not only bulky and get in the way, they're easier for people to get into or to steal stuff from. ALSO, make sure your bag zips up or closes in some way. Open bags are another easy target for stealing. People are sneaky nowadays, so protection and security are key to keeping your money and other items safe. ALSO, don't bring anything unnessesary. Bring your wallet, cell and lipgloss. Leave everything else at home.
Tip 3: Go with a group.
NEVER go shopping on Black Friday alone. Being with a friend or two will keep you safe and make your overall shopping experience much more fun.
Tip 4: Don't run to your destination.
Running to what you want in a store is not only tiring, but dangerous. Many of you probably heard about the person who was killed last year from being trampled. Stay calm and WALK. You'll get what you want, don't worry.
Tip 5: Keep it simple simple simple.
Don't wear earrings, jewlry, expensive/breakable things while out. Keep accessories to a minimum on this shopping day. Wear your hair either back or have a hairtie with you. Also, keep your MAKEUP simple as you'll be out and about all day.
Lastly, have fun. Black Friday is an amazing day to shop on. There are huge sales and it's a great day to shop for your friends and family.